We are closed

Our clinic has stopped seeing patients as of 2nd October 2020.

Prof. Yeoh Kian Hian is finally retiring after almost 60 years in practice.

We would like to thank everyone who has viewed our website and contacted us to be seen by Prof. Yeoh as a patient.

Getting a detailed history from the patient is the bedrock of healing.

Time, attentive listening, empathy and gentle examination are necessary to obtain an understanding of a patient’s deepest concerns and his or her reason for seeking treatment. The solution is then sought for based on the knowledge and experience of the physician. This approach removes the limit on time spent with the patient, but sets a limit on the number of patients to be seen each day.

Consultation image

A pain-free and anxiety-free experience with the physician is the legitimate expectation of every patient, be it adult or child  Treating otolaryngology and allergy gently helps to achieve this.

Patients with financial constraints are encouraged to share these with our staff. We are happy to assist where possible.